We love what we do, and together we are keen to help you and your organisation to be in a better place… with a sustainable and competitive advantage.

In our extensive professional history in the world of Information Management, we have seen over and over how large amount of financial resources and sweat has been put into a solution to provide short term business gain, but ended up with a long term pressure on limited resources to support and operate the solution.  We have seen multi-million dollar BI projects being implemented but somehow the promised business benefits were unrealised, or that the benefits were short lived as business has moved on beyond the base requirement.  

We love what we do…  why?  Because we like to see people’s life changed for the better continuously and hence providing business a competitive advantage that is sustainable.  If IMS has been positively involved in the transformation, it justifies IMS’ existence.  We don’t believe in just delivering solution; we put our heart and soul into our words that when we say to you, We will get you to a point where your business wants to be,  it’s a promise we would not lightly let down.

At IMS, our world of consulting is about planning and design, help delivering a business solution that covers business processes, change management, organisation structure, and improving executive sponsorship – Technology is only a small part of it.  

George Bassili


George has worked in the IT sector since 1991 primarily in the area of Information Management, Data Governance and Supply Chain (ERP) systems. Over 2 decades, George has worked on more than 20 major Information Management projects for many medium to large organisations both in Australia and overseas. George has held various roles including Project Manager, Enterprise Architect, Principal Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Architect and Lead Developer.

George also has many years of first had experience working with solution platforms from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and Progress. George is a highly effective consultant because of his broad project experience, deep technical knowledge, and ability to empathise with stakeholders across the different functional areas of an organisation. George’s strong consulting skills allow him to quickly build trust with stakeholders and effectively maintain the interests of his project sponsors.

Leeten Chin


Leeten has over 20 years of experience as an Information Technology professional. During this period he has competently held positions ranging from a team lead to a system architect with excellent skills in Information Systems and Database technologies.

Leeten has a thorough understanding of Information Management and has practical experience and skills in system architecture, design and delivery of BI systems and Data Warehouse projects. He has been a project team leader who has extensive successful delivery experience.

Being a BI consultant combined with his industry experiences, Leeten provides practical and successful business systems to help reaching business goals.

Bruce Roff


Bruce is a senior information management professional with a passion for enabling organisations to better manage and utilise their data and information – resulting in direct benefits to the business bottom line, efficiencies and regulatory compliance.

The key roles undertaken to achieve this over the past 15+ years have included Management of Information Services / Enterprise Information Strategy / Enterprise Data Architect.

Bruce is able to establish and communicate a pragmatic information target, and then implement the required governance, business and information capabilities at the project / program / organisation level.